N4 11 Service - Four Valve, 11 Degree 821cc Engines

Please find approximate servicing costs at Ducati Preston for the following bikes:

Hypermotard (all variants 2013 onwards)
Monster 821 (all variants)

Annual Service

£268.82 inc 20% VAT
*The prices shown include 20% VAT, are for a scheduled service and include the parts associated with an oil change (oil filter, fully synthetic motorcycle oil and gaskets dependent on model) and include the labour for performing the listed tasks.

Age and Mileage related operations

After every basic service has been carried out, there are specific operations that must be considered for every Ducati motorcycle. These are essential to maintain your bikes' value and ensure durability and reliability.

Valves Plus

Due every 18,000 miles. Valve clearance examination and adjustment if required.
Cam belt tension check and adjustment
Add £273.00 inc 20% VAT
*Please note there is an additional exchange fee of £2 per shim applied to all models. Typically 2 to 3 shims require adjustment. This price is created accordingly. If the requirement is for higher or lower numbers of shim replacement, this price will vary.


Cam Belts must be changed every 18,000 miles or 5 years
There is no additional labour cost for fitting the belts if they are being done as part of a service plan
The reason being, we are already doing belt tension (see the operations carried out during a service) as part of our service, it is not difficult or time consuming at that stage in the process to remove the used belts and fit the new and re- tension.


Due every 4 years or 27,000 miles on all models
Replace fork oil, brake, clutch fluid and radiator coolant.
Add £136.94 inc 20% VAT


The prices shown for the additional age & mileage related service items are only valid when performed as part of an annual service. These prices will be different when performed on their own outside of a scheduled service. Any additional parts or wearables e.g. brake pads, spark plugs, fuel filters, clutch plates are a chargeable extra. Fault diagnosis and accident repair is not included as part of a scheduled service.

Please call us on 01772 706523 for price details on your exact model.